As a young man growing up in California, I was introduced to Figurative Art in my Beginning Life
Drawing Course at the Los Angeles Art Center of Design.  I had begun taking college courses at
the age of sixteen under a special scholarship given to aspiring young high school artists.  I was
both excited and intrigued about drawing/painting the human form.  As then, I now think that the
human form is limitless in its capabilities for artists to interpret/invent/speculate.  If anything, the
more I learn about painting, the more energized I am about the possibilities of creating unique
images of the human form.

Currently, each morning I wake with the same eagerness of my youth.  Each day brings forth a
deep desire to get to my studio and keep going on with my research.  I research and try to perfect
the overall palette chosen, the value systems, the point of view, the light source, the variety of
brush strokes, and the story behind the piece.  If the arts are indeed about storytelling, I want to tell
the tale in first-person.  I want to interpret people, not things.

Simply put, I love to paint;  I really love to paint the human head.  I recently read an article declaring
that Representational Art was dead.  If so, the reader of that article would infer that as an image,
the human head is dated and archaic; I think of it as boundless in every way!  When a head is
depicted in one of my portraits, there are endless interpretations possible due to their conceptual

Someone once told me: "Life is short; you better do what you want to, as it'll be over in a blink."  I
am doing just that, and loving it!